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Update – New website, FYXO video, and other bits

Hey Y’all,

Hope you’re off to a great 2013! As you can see, I’ve been tooling around in the interwebs and cobbled together a new website. Sorry for you folks with Apple/Mac products about the delay. About 8 years ago, I made the mistake of listening to a programmer friend who told me that Flash was the way of the future. I liked some of the dynamic components of the program at the time, but i never was really satisfied with the way the site was presented. I was a control-freak with no control.

So I setup my blog (which still exists) and although the plug has been pulled (it’s still there if anybody wants to go have a look), I’ve been getting learned how all that works (and continue the process).  So i decided to use WP for the new site. As you can see, I’ve migrated most all of the content to the JOURNAL page here, so there’s no real need to go elsewhere for all the Crisp news and photos you can handle. I’ll be uploading some galleries and trying to figure out how to best present what I’m currently doing so you can come along for the ride. Give me a shout if you want anything in particlular. I’m hoping to update the landing page with something special soon, but we’ll see how that pans out. If I can get it going, it would be a snapshot into my daily life here on the funny farm. My Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets have taken a backseat for the time being as I’ve got to keep the frames moving forward. I hope to be able to integrate all this stuff together to make my life a little simpler. A guy can dream, can’t he? Anyway, the links to all those sites are on each page at the header, if you want to check out those connections.

so..back to reality..

After the 2012 bike show season ended, i was inundated with info requests, orders and general work. I also got some great reviews from Bicycling Magazine (USA) and was even a covergirl for MTB Magazine (ITA) which kept me in front of a computer for some time (and still does) and I’ll put those up here real soon. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a rather in-depth video as recorded by my friend Andy White of FYXO fame when he and Ashley Pettit of Peloton Cycling Tours came by for a chat after L’Eroica 2012. I follow FYXO religiously as Andy has a great blog with outstanding photos as well as being the producer of the Australian Custom Bike Show and Ashley brings folks from all over the world to visit great Italian races and places, including tours of the Giro D’Italia and other events.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for checking in…