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Rome wasn’t built in a day…

…and neither was Nicola’s bike.

After waiting patiently, Nicola picked up his new frameset at Eroica this year. I just received the DVD of photos that he sent after taking a few rides, talk about bike porn. Only in Rome can you find a backdrop like that. A bow of gratitude to the photographer Martina Comuzzi who took the time to immortalize this bike with her great work. Stunning!

As you can see, he didn’t spare any expense in building up the bike. Campy 11v drivetrain topped of with a Pegoretti Falz fork tied in with King NTS classic cups. A mix of time-tested bad-assedness with a modern twist. Nicola is a ti aficionado, having owned various ti bikes over his cycling career. It was another great collaboration, bringing together all the desires he had into one bike.

Congratulations Nicola on your new ride and thanks to you and Martina Comuzzi for the photos!!



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