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If you’re considering titanium as a material for your custom-made bicycle frame you are probably already aware of its superb qualities: ultra-light, responsive, low maintenance, resistance to corrosion, superlative ride characteristics.  It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Not so.  The way the big bike manufacturers pump out the “stock” frames leaves little left to the craft of custom frame building.  Crisp Titanium does ONLY bicycle frames made-to-order for the 5-6% of cyclists who realize the value of a custom, handcrafted frame.

Unconcerned with marketing trends, I build sensible, elegant, and functional frames to exacting tolerances for elite racers and recreational enthusiasts using only the highest quality, cold-worked and stress-relieved Grade 9 (3AL/2.5V) and Grade 5 (6AL/4V) seamless titanium tubing and components.  On a Crisp custom frame there are no decals to scratch off and each frame is painstakingly finished by hand to achieve that seductive, brushed satin finish only found on titanium.  The graphics can be client-specified and are permanently etched into the frame for durability and good looks.  Want options like s-bend and radiused stays, integrated head tubes or hooded “wright-style” dropouts?  No problem at all.  Each frame is also backed with a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship so you know it’s built to last.

The Crisp Titanium “Commitment” assures the client:

  • A relationship that allows direct access to the builder
  • Custom, personalized frame geometry
  • Computer-precise, fully-detailed CAD drawing of client frame
  • Hand-selected aerospace-grade titanium tubing, precision machine mitered and welded to exacting tolerances
  • Six-step hand satin finished with etched graphics (no decals that peel off) with complete personalization (client name, team affiliation, personalized graphics)
  • Precision alignment and testing of each completed frame
  • Option of the complete line of Chris King headsets, hubs and bottom brackets, and a vast array of high-end components from Enve and many others.

Unlike mainstream products, I do not use high-volume production equipment and all the work is done in-house by one builder, myself. I emphasize the importance of the artisan in frame building, and underscore the importance of detail that can only be achieved by building one frame at a time. Not assembly-line production. The technology in superior titanium tubing is married with the tradition of Italian craftsmanship to create a one-of-a-kind product, custom made for the client.