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Dreamy Bikes of Bicycling Magazine

Hey Cycling Bothers and Sisters..

Another quick entry, which deserves way more time than I can currently dedicate. Time-warping way back to last December I had the privilege to participate in a titanium shootout for Bicycling Magazine. I was asked to supply as custom titanium frame for the guns of the Editor-at-Large and accomplished author, Bill Strickland (a.k.a. TrueBS) . The only constraint was the request to build the bike up with the latest Campagnolo EPS Groupset, wired internally.

As you can see, Bill and I were able to synergize our collaborative efforts as cyclist/builder came together. Bill, being the conversationalist that he is, was able to simply define what he likes, dislikes and where he was hoping to go with the build. All I had to do was take some notes and get started.

A special thanks to Dino Cento and the folks at the technicial office at Campagnolo, Italy, for taking the time to get me all the latest specs and special parts that I needed to get Bill’s bike built-up to the quality that Campy is known for. I guess you could say the project was a success as I was included in the Dream Bikes section of the guide. I owe a debt of gratitude to Bill and Bicycling Magazine for considering my work and for giving space to the small, custom builder. Thanks so much!!

Here are some pics of the process and you can see the published content from Bicycling Magazine  HERE…or see the original press page HERE .

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