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9 thoughts on “Want a Guaranteed Stress Reducer?”

  1. Nice !

    What fork is it ? Custom design by leonardi racing or something sold by a known brand ?

    Please excuse me if this is a stupide question, I have 0 MTB knowledge!


    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for the comment. It is an ALIKE’ fork, designed and produced in-house by Leonardi Racing, http:/www.leonardiracing.it/. It has been undergoing prototyping and testing for about 3 years now. It can be pre-ordered by contacting Leonardi directly. He is only making limited number of production runs for the fork as the fabrication is very labor-intensive. Thanks for looking.-darren

    2. Hi Thomas,
      Yes this is a custom fork by Leonardi Racing. It is called Alike and Leonardi sells them directly from his shop in Italy. You can contact him directly via his website to pre-order or to get information. Thanks…

  2. i can’t fined the leonardi email address.
    i would like to have information about the leonardi fork.

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