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Iditabike 2012 – Ausilia and Sebastiano hit the snow riding…and walking.

Hey friends of Crisp Titanium, ¬†Iditabike 2012 has started and we’ve got our friends (and Crisp-sponsored riders) off on Sunday. You can follow them here as they pass through each checkpoint along the way:

Iditabike standings 2012

and the homepage for the race is here: Iditarod Trail Invitational¬†(I’d recommend checking out the video posted by Mike Curiak from last year. His video/photos are always worth the time).

Also Auslilia has posted some training photos and words about her preparation here:

Biancaneve Pedala Blogspot

All of the following photos came from here blog. I know there are a lot, but I think they really give a taste of how passionate these kids are about what they are doing.

a taste of the cold:

Thanks Ausilia and Sebastiano. Best of luck in the race and keep safe!!