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Iditabike 2012 – Ausilia and Sebastiano hit the snow riding…and walking.

Hey friends of Crisp Titanium,  Iditabike 2012 has started and we’ve got our friends (and Crisp-sponsored riders) off on Sunday. You can follow them here as they pass through each checkpoint along the way:

Iditabike standings 2012

and the homepage for the race is here: Iditarod Trail Invitational (I’d recommend checking out the video posted by Mike Curiak from last year. His video/photos are always worth the time).

Also Auslilia has posted some training photos and words about her preparation here:

Biancaneve Pedala Blogspot

All of the following photos came from here blog. I know there are a lot, but I think they really give a taste of how passionate these kids are about what they are doing.

a taste of the cold:

Thanks Ausilia and Sebastiano. Best of luck in the race and keep safe!!

2 thoughts on “Iditabike 2012 – Ausilia and Sebastiano hit the snow riding…and walking.”

  1. Congratulations to Ausilia Vistarini (14th and only female finishi), Sebastiano Favaro (even with Ausilia), and framebuilder Mark Darren Crisp (for sponsoring with his custom machines).
    Seems it has been the toughest edition in the last 10 years of the Iditarod trail…
    Well, that´s great news for the Crisp crew @ Iditarod!
    You must feel very proud Mark.
    Un abrazo,

    1. Ciao Miguel,
      Very proud, for sure. These kids to stuff that I could only dream of. Many thanks to them for their efforts and tenacity. This was an extremely difficult race for all the participants. Just looking at the list of non-finishers, one can see just how determined these two are! Thanks for the message and for following, Miguel, and have a great day!

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