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Giovanni’s Custom Ti Road


Back in the shop after a month-long battle with pneumonia. I’m still not sure who won the battle, but at least I’m still mulling around and showing signs of life. I’ve been wanting to post some pictures and finally have some energy to get behind the computer and upload some images.  Here is a complete project profile of my friend Giovanni D, from Bari, Italy.

You’ll note the typical Trulli houses along the route that Giovanni rides near Alberobello. These are some amazing structures and I can only imagine what the rest of his group rides are like. Giovanni and his wife Caterina came up to get a personal bike fit and we got to spend some good time together getting to know his riding style and desires in the new bike. I recently received a wonderful letter from Giovanni after his first few rides and he’s having a blast. With his participation in the project, we were able to make him the custom bike that he’s always wanted.

Buone avventure, Giovanni, and thanks for joining the Crisp Titanium family!! A special thanks also to Cicli Marangiolo for the collaboration and the build.


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