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Getting some love from Ciclismo

A little late to the party on this one as usual.  I received the copy only after my return from the Holiday break. It’s a sweet feeling to be included in the Fatte A Mano section of Ciclismo. I appreciate the consideration and do my best to keep the bar high. Some of my benchmark builders are included in the article and it’s humbling for me to even be considered as a “local” builder. I’ve got a long way to go, but like most things in Italy..there ain’t no rush to get there… -dmc

(to read the article, pls have a look at the PRESS page menu)


2 thoughts on “Getting some love from Ciclismo”

  1. I hope that journalist will realize how important is the bespoke bycicling world…..life’s too short to have a stock bike!

    Ciao Darren!

  2. Hi Nicola,
    He sure does. He’s a big follow of custom and I am sure glad he considered my work. I look forward to improving and maintaining our small niche! A presto!!! Ciao Nicola e Buon Anno!!

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