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Getting ready for Iditabike

Here’s a link to a quick video that I made while working on the bikes for Ausilia Vistarini and Sebastiano Favaro. The are two great friends and are supported Crisp riders. They are embarking on the Iditabike Challenge in Alaska  (http:/www.alaskaultrasport.com/alaska_ultra_home_page.html) in just a few days. Sebastiano is leaving on the 18th of February to collect his custom bike bags (made to the exact specifications of the frames) and to deposit his supplies at the various checkpoints along the route (I believe there are three). Ausilia will catch up to him before the start and then they’re off. I wish them the best of luck and hope that have a great adventure. Some of the specs of the bikes:

  • Frames:  Crisp custom ti 29ers with custom snow wheels
  • BB shell 100mm
  • King NTS headsets
  • Surly Mr. Whrily cranks setup for singlespeed
  • OMM racks with specific braze-on locations to the frame
  • Tires: Surly

Here’s a little video clip of the finishing welds to one of the frames. It’s just a test video I made to see if I can actually do all this media stuff myself.

Iditabike braze-ons

This was my first attempt at snow bikes and I learned quite a bit. I’ve already received some requests for more, and I hope the fabrication will be smoother with less research. I’d like to thank Brad and Butch at Moots for all of their support and technical assistance. It made the build much easier.

Alla prossima!