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Di2, Ti voglio bene, ma sei una ragazza complicata.

(scorre in fondo per traduzione)

Lots of love for the electronic shifters these days. Here’s a round of photos that my friend Johannes R sent to me from Austria. He documented his Shimano Di2 installation and subsequent Icarus Lights seatpost hidden battery pack. Designed to hide inside your seat post, they’re compact, last 50% longer than the standard Shimano Di2 battery, and are lighter to boot. Wow, what a job! When we worked on his frame back in 2008, Di2 was just gaining steam. After a couple of years of development, Johannes took the project on and sent me his iphone archive of the event.

Di2 is gaining popularity and each year there have been some improvements to the system and the installation. It does require some modifications to the frame while in the construction phase which will make the installation smoother. If you have any questions about the possibility of getting a custom Crisp road frame with this option, give me a shout and I’ll give you the goods. Enjoy! -darren