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Italian State of the Nation

OMG, credo che e’ l’opinione piu’ prescisa che ho visto finora. If you want to see the current state of affairs of recent Italian politics summed up exquisitely, this is the video for you:

2 thoughts on “Italian State of the Nation”

  1. F R Wilburn

    Ciao Mark,
    Excellent work on this web site. You’ve included the very intellectual insights that many people miss with all the mis-information that is attempting to inform us of their view point of what is happening on the planet today. The struggle to find the opposite of the main stream media which is in collusion with governments and their military media industrial complex’s is generally smothered by the Networks here in Amerika and the owners of those media outlets.
    So even from the fun and entertainment concept of including these avenues on your Blog, I really appreciate the time you take to share other ideas of our Propagandized Media organizations. Keep up the good work!
    And if this inspires your professional effort and production of the best bicycles, then I will continue to enjoy your Blog and sharing your impressions of the world around us all… Grazie Mille !

    1. Hey, Thanks for the comment. I’ll do what I can. I’m just warming up my blog chops, so we’ll see what direction this takes. It will be interesting to see who reads (cares) about what I have to say, but I’ll always be as frank and as current with my posts. Thanks for looking and see you soon! Ciao!

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